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Grain free goodness with more than 30% fish: Italian Ideal Weight Trout and Blueberries is the new hypoallergenic option available for small breed, medium breed and large breed dogs, as we as for sterilised cats.

The new gourmet combination has been developed to help our four-legged friends maintain their ideal weights: the protein-rich trout is highly digestible, and blueberries help combat oxidative stress, favouring post-activity recovery and helping protect the muscles.

The concept for ‘La Vita’ Recipe

The concept for ‘La Vita’ Recipe, and the exclusive formulations for ItalianWay, have evolved from careful collaboration between Giuntini and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universiry of Perugia.

Our research, their wellbeing

These recipes are unique because the ingredients create the optimum balance between the unequivocal taste of Italian cuisine and the proven benefits for the body.

Grain free goodness

Grain free goodness with more than 30% fish: Italian Ideal Weight Trout and Blueberries is the new hypoallergenic option available for small breed, medium breed and large breed dogs, as we as for sterilised cats.


Our process begins with the careful evaluation of all raw materials, which are immediatley inspected both qualitatively and quantitatively. In particular, we verify the chemical composition and ascertain the ascertain of anti-nutrition factors, toxins and bacteria.


In the next phase, the raw materials and nutrients are carefully balanced to provide a nutritional formula to meet the requirements of the species for which the diet is intended. This process is verified with software to determine the precision.


The ingredients are the carefully mixed to achieve a complete and homogenous preparation, which is then processed and the starches and proteins cooked through extrusion. Drying and oil addition then follow to achieve the optimal level of moisture and fat in the pet food.


About us

The basic activity of Pro Pet, a branch of Prologic d.o.o, is wholesale of pet food, made by one of the leading manufacturers from Italy – Guintini. We hold a great selection of dry food and cans for dogs and cats, and food for horses.

All products of the Guintini company were created as a result of recent advances in the field of quality, flavour and nutrition. We hold a great selection of top quality dry food, cans and treats, developed by an expert team of veterinarians and nutritionists, in cooperation with professional kennels.

Based on the age and lifestyle of your dog or cat, you can find food that will satisfy all nutritional needs of your pet at the best prices.

Animal feed distribution

Prologic d.o.o company is a distributor for a well known austrian brand of premixes – "Likra".

Based on expert recommendation, we developed our own brand of complete and supplementary mixture od animal food “Profeed” using “Likra” premixes. Profeed is a high quality product made for professional farmers, at acceptable costs.

Our selection holds all necessary raw materials for animal husbandry, also named “Profeed”.
In addition to the above we are official distributors for “Bečejka” animal feed, and Srem region distributors for “Sanders” animal feed.

Prologic doo

Prologic is a wholesale and retail of animal food, premixes, compontents and raw materials, and also selling a variety of household items, paints and varnishes for inner and outer decoration, hand tools and other agricultural equipment.

PJ Propvc
PJ Propvc is engaged in manufacturing, selling and installing PVC carpentry, mosquito nets, striped curtains, garage and security doors.
Retails – 6 retail objects in Vojvodina (Srem) territory
Partners – over 150 partners

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